Chapbook Release Show! Re-cap!


Drawing by Charmaine Sea.

What a marvelous night it was. I had sold 49 books, over 60 people came out to Café deux soleils. Alvin X Chris X Lucas featured, also my boy Andrew Warner got the crowd all hot and bothered with his poetic glow.


It was so great to see friends, families and dare I say FANS (a solid 2.5 of those) come out to support the release of my book! That was really all super good.

I had a set about 16 poems, and I did most of them minus two. Didn’t have it in me to puke out Harvest Moon and 100%. But I debuted some new pieces, read out of the book as well and shared some Bo Burnham haikus all with amighty tampon strapped to my neck all in a bold political statement about eggs.


While I did almost a full hour set, I think I sweat more than I did running for a full hour. It was some pretty wet stuff out there.

Also, there was a costume contest. Because of course. Eggs for everyone.


The highlight of my night though, was when Emma Field, told me in agony as we rehearsed our group poem The Do List, “I hate eggs.” She even managed to tell my boyfriend that she was planning to tell me that in a weird spin of affection and wrath on stage.

And my friend Josie got pressured in to taking photographs. Which you see on here! But have no fear I bought her a smoothie.

What a great night, can’t wait to do it all again!

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