Sounds for Syria + Winter Gala


Last week, I knocked out two events that were pretty special.  I started off my Tuesday with some fun times at the Sounds for Syria event at the Liu Institue for Global Issues put on by the AMS Refugee Relief Club. It was really great to be an environment with folks performing and discussing equality and privilege. Particularly, I had a great time getting to know a young girl from Syria who spoke of the crisis in her own eyes.

soundsforsyria AMS refugee relief at UBC.png

soundsforsyriarefugeerelief at UBC.png

Me and my new UBC Slam friends, Anjalica and Jamie shared some poetry. (There were other poets there too and I deviously asked them to come and hang out at our tricycle workshops. )


On the weekend, I had another show which was the 14th annual IRSA Refugee benefit gala. The International Relations Students Association (IRSA) held a black tie-event to promote Kinbrace, which isa community organization easing refugees from all around the world into a new life in Canada. While there are many flaws with the current refugee system, where certain countries and positions of power will deny people from safety and support services, Kinbrace is a local Vancouver non-profit that aspires to break barriers for people all around the world.


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