Tiny Tricycle Poets Showcase Recap

I’m just writing a little update about how the showcase went.

It was really well! We’re so thankful to have this space for free where we can just bring some folks together and have these intimate explorations of art. We all sat in the round and 9 folks performed. We had some cross over from the workshop where people used their new skills to perform. We had lots of new people there too. 20+ people showed up all together which Andrew and I agreed was a great turnout for our first one. We were pretty bummed Emma couldn’t make it, but alas she had the old strep throat that keeps demonizing her body.

The show was a great opportunity for people to perform a poem or two, and then receive feedback about it after it was performed from the audience, which was mainly other poets. It ended at about 9pm and then people stuck around to chat. I think the small gathering was a quiet and kind success, and gave me some hope and positive memory for the wisdom teeth surgery I had the next day- by the way I am mostly fine and just eating soup.

We received some great comments about creating a non competitive and inclusive atmosphere so we are feeling really great about how it all went. Our idea with these workshops and showcases is to just have a bit of an alternative youth hub, where people can be social, hangout, talk poems and just be people.

Looking forward to the next one.


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