Poetry Brothel @ Biltmore


Last week, I had a lot of fun being a poetry whore.  I dressed up as Angel Rouge, and participated in a mysterious and wondrous event called the Poetry Brothel.

Here was a bit of my bio as Angel Rouge:

Angel Rouge is 5 foot tall with a few inches added in thickness from her velvet lipstick. She was born a love child between a scarlet potion and a mysterious elf. The night she was conceived,  a tiny piece from every blushed cheek around the world fell off. The collective redness bits went into the potion, bubbling to eventually become a baby. When she was grown, she started as a mysterious clown nose and then into a quill, within three years she has transformed into a mystical creation. Every night in her adolescence, she would rehearse nursery rhymes while applying a thick pink to her cheeks and lips. At age 13, she was separated from her parent elf and found her way into the Lagoons of Vancouver, BC, where she put on a human suit and began to act natural.

As she was raised, she began to be fond of theatrics, wine tasting and checkerboard skirts. Her hobbies include plucking her eyebrows,  slapping her lips together and jumping up and down escalators, all while howling at Tarot cards and kissing the forgotten moon. Religiously, she is a clown, but biologically, she is an elf. In practice she is a poet, but in reality she is a flamboyant star-counter, hoping to spiral herself in enough syllables to one day map out her way back home.

In my persona, I walked around trying to seduce folks so I could give them a private reading in a back room. They would give me a coin and inwards they would enter into a magical place of velvet couches, bright candles and gold.

Throughout the evening there were also burlesque performances.


17492987_1384330998255943_3432863499109151193_o (1).jpg

And everything was a mysterious shade of brilliant.

17492473_1384330988255944_1888806841950483154_o (1).jpg

This show, which came from New York and has been at it for years- was a true weird gem in my life. In my private readings I had some of the most intense performances of my life, looking at people and sharing my poetry in this intimate setting was moving for me and the other folks.

I felt like the people listening really heard me, and I meant every word that I spoke to them. In one sitting, I had a woman tell me my poems completely spoke to her life and she will be forever grateful of the moment.  I had another burst into tears after my performance. A third smile as brilliantly as the razzle dazzle behind him.

It was a beautiful, weird, brilliant experience.

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