My first performance after turning 19 was a hit a doodle doo. March 2nd already back at it.

Slam Jam, which I’ve participated in two years ago , is always a really rad time.  This year I had a really great time performing the youth slam team.  The event was basically a lot of me making obnoxiously loud noises at the expense of the audience there.

The event is a fundraiser and Slam Jam fundraises their efforts to a local cause, for the Homes For Good Society, ‘a non-profit group started in 2009 by Port Coquitlam Mayor Greg Moore and volunteers wanting to end homelessness‘.


The show itself was a pretty fun time. I knocked out some poems with the 2016-2017 youth slam team and am sad to say it was probably my last performance ever with the youth slam team ever. And now that the new team is chosen, which I am sadly not on, I think that our time together has come to a total close. Which is really bonkers because they are a huge bundle of fun and plants.

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