Burn Down Your Beliefs

A poem from Happy Time. I hope you guys enjoy. 

“Castrate your TV.
Burn Down Your Beliefs.
Make Music from your Morbid Memories
Take your firework failures and turn them into sonic flume…

Because this here, and this now, this here and this now
Is a proton
Parading out of a bang for you
Is galaxies pulling themselves into the deepest magician holes for you
Is late heavy Neptune. Hydrogen fused.
Water moved. The earth grew from a mushroom.

How the cows turned their beaks and mooed for you
How the stars sonic boomed your name like a silhouette they will travel to the future for
How, this is what it feels like to be alive before the grim sinks in.

That night I burned down my beliefs
That night I danced with myself like the space between my atoms was the kindest lover
That I danced with myself like my radio was my air-wave holy
That night, I wish you had heard how the music moves for you.

So stretch your nuclei
So stretch your nuclei
Because it feels so good to shift in the space in your skeleton and keep moving

Soon you will be in sheets with your genesis
Catching fire with your breathlessness
You are the precipice
The space between your mouth, your music, your mind
Is a whole bible of endlessness
I will recite for you

This world was built to grow with you
So let it move you
Move you like Magic.”



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