UBC Arts & Culture Night @ MOA

The Museum of Anthropology holds remarkable ethnographic objects right outside the doorstep of UBC Students. However, my job is to find more ways for students to become familiar with the cultural spaces on campus and gain some feelings of ownership and discovery. I believe that we should all be taking advantage of the most beautiful resources on campus. Dive into UBC, The Calendar and us at the UBC Arts and Culture District came together for a second annual Arts and Culture Night at the Museum of Anthropology attracting around 350 students.

UBC Improv, and UBC Slam, and other performers like my friends Rebecca, SheldonCole and new friends like Alex Lim, brought this night to life with creation, artistry bouncing through the walls of Canada’s most renowned museums. Check out the video to see how it all went down, you might even seen a little flickr of my performance.

And now, we plan for next year! I hope to bring brilliance and imagination up in into all the corners and cracks of our easily distracted minds.

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