VFS cafe tricycle show + Twisted Poets + Lets talk about mental health

Bloooop. Back to catching up on all the things I have sadly forgotten to mention.

For one, had such a killer time at the VFS Cafe Show we told the audience ‘If you’re lost, just go to the Gastown Scientology building and the VFS Café is diagonally across the street’.

Though Emma was sadly sick and fighting internal worms, Andrew and I came together and make caterpillars out of our voices for the crowd and soon Emma woke up as a butterfly. Tiny Tricycle Poetry keeps my heart pumping and our audiences playing. I remember the show as a true delight of fire and thickness of everything I wanted and what I thought I couldn’t quite attain.

Sometimes I perform and I’m so there every word aches off my tongue and becomes a canvas for mourning, power and then rebirth. This is also how I felt during my first time reading at Twisted Poets Reading Series. Though my voice was kind of melting out of me, it’s been a good time feeling like I can perform with the power I imagine.

I hope to spend the rest of this year, pushing myself to be more playful and excited, wondering and amusing, creating and breathing. I also had a lovely time performing at Let’s Talk about Mental Health show in my residence at UBC, but there is not too much more to say than it was eye-opening to see folks share their stories, so bravely, and have myself always masking metaphors. I’m going to write a poem about that… stay tuned.

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