Youth Poetry Slam Finals- On Not Making the Team

I live to perform poetry louder than the quiet acceptance of the world I witness.

*Post written after not making the Youth Slam Team in March 2017.

I was really struggling with consistently not getting ‘good’ scores at slams and not making the team hit a weird place for the old poetry ego. But I had so much love coming my way and thought I’d just share the post I made up, I can use it and be reminded again and again:

I just want to say I’m really super thankful for all of the support and checking in and messages and comments and calls and love from everyone. Doubt train is heading out of town and the tricycles are coming in. I cannot begin to express how grateful I am for this support and the kindness of my friends and distant friends and loved ones. Had a nice time at the tiny trike show tonight and I am ready to boom out against all odds and make the most intense stuff i have ever made. I am ready to live like being an artist is my propeller. Though, I know I will continue to fail and fail again, something tells me it’s not because I am a lost cause. I can do it. Let’s keep going poets, musicians and painters.
Like my mom said, this is not the last time I will feel doubt because the last time I will feel doubt means I am ceasing to fight to be an artist. 

I can’t wait to be playful, mysterious, alive and burning. I want to speak poetry and write like the weight of the world is just a small crumb on my tongue. I want to boom through like language bends to my will. I want to make up a fantasy world that you can play with me in and I want it to feel like something new, bold and raw. I want to make you guys proud. Thank you for believing in me and re-inspiring me.
I am so thankful to be surrounded by brilliant artists and friends that keep me going and fighting.

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