Summertime- now performances (at home!)

I had a lot of great performances over the summer in Vancouver, between the Greek performances and the American performances, I enjoyed . I want share some highlights with you folks!

Vines Art Festival – By far, such a gem where I got to meet so many awesome people. Including the person behind the FORM film festival, my art film Can I interview You? was showcased at. Such an electric setting with so many electric people. The festival takes place inside trout lake park and has numerous stages among the trees at once. So much weird fringe art forms, that I completely adore. Artists being themselves and authentic. It reminded me a lot of Elevate the Arts, nothing pretentious just artists, community and weird clownship going on that everybody can appreciate.


Verses Festival of Words– Had a really nice time performing on Mighty Mike McGee and Friends night as one of his friends. The guy is a total inspiration and was pretty hyped to share the stage with him at the Wise Hall.


Maritime Festival –  Always a good time. This year I was Crookie Can’d Craig. Honestly, probably my favourite character to date. Crookie Can’d Craig was the old operations manager of the Gulf of Georgia Cannery and wants you to talk to him to hear some stories about the good old days. He can get you a job on the slime line for up to 10 cents an hour if yer nice. He’s pretty old but still kicking the can.

rovingcharacter1 2.jpg

Pride Picnic – Had lots of fun at campus and community planning’s Pride Picnic. Big congrats to my buddy Mustafa for organizing a sweet show like that at UBC. Also set the precedent for the next day…

Pride! Sunset Beach Festival and Davie Street Block Party:

Honestly performing at Pride was such a dream! Great audience at the Davie Street Block Party and ran into so many friends that day. A wild and loving night with sadly only Emma as my other wheel, but we propelled and premiered our team piece version of That’s What She Said.


And just right now to end off the summer season in my psyche:

Harvest Festival– I had a lovely time playing the role of Harvest Moon Hannah at the Harvest Festival. Look, I’m the person with the half moon and stars on their face. Did some retelling of my annual Harvest Moon poem and played in the rain.Screen Shot 2017-10-15 at 12.39.39 PM.png

Overall, a total solid season filled with wonderful performances. Excited for the fall to bring it all sorts of new avenues for adventure.

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