UBC Slam Takes Voices of Today (Overdo reflection)

At the end of August, the UBC Slam Team travelled to Toronto, Ontario to compete in Voices of Today, a spoken word championship that takes in youth teams from across Canada and puts them head to head against each other.

It was a magical week with my good friends on the UBC slam team, staying in a surprisingly great hostel (our own bathroom and a fridge that kinda worked!) and then glamping over at the Vancouver Youth Poetry Slam’s teams really nice hotel room (overlooking all of Downtown Toronto, everybody had their own bed- there are 6 of them).

We spent a lot of time goofing off, but also practicing our poems. We worked on our new iKEA Furniture poem, written by Anjalica, reconfigured the Tricycle Version of The NewSS, 100%- which I don’t feel guilty about because Emma and Andrew reconfigured I comma Robot for the Youth Slam Team. We had a more experimental poem called Stretch and all in all just had a really good time.

We chanted on the streets, got ourselves hyped up, I made a bad impression at Good Life by faking that I wanted a membership to get a free week trial which is totally legal and real but now they are out to get me- the usual stuff.

I ended up getting knocked out before reaching third round in the indies competition, Emma beat me coming in fourth. But I don’t get that get to me, I still have won the title of Bacon Slam Champion back during Elevate the Arts.

Our team ended up coming in third place, with the Vancouver youth team in second place and Hamilton (HYP) in first. An awesome week long journey of friendship and extreme energy levels!

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