Wheel Slam Recap + Upcoming Workshops at the Roundhouse

The dream came true! Our residency at the Roundhouse community center, is a great space for us to take young poets and lead them in a series of clownship, poetry, and experimental fun. A big hope of ours, ever since going to Elevate the Arts in the Courtney BC was having a Wheel Slam. And a month or so ago, the Wheel Slam time actually happened.

The Wheel Slam, was a ‘slam’ where poets get random prompts from me and then write poetry as I perform poems. Then everybody shares their work and votes for the winner of the round, through blind applause. (I realized, as the facilitator, I could keep my eyes open)

The winner of one round and the winner of the other face each other. I had a nice turn out of around 20 folks come out and participate. My friend Alexandra, became the Wheel Slam Champion, taking the wheel back with her to Kingston.

For pictures of what the Bike Kitchen described as ‘the clownishly over-sized free wheel’ see below…


I couldn’t take any pictures of the event because unfortunately, I viciously cracked my phone with the camera falling out of it. I like the aesthetic though.

Anyways, I also wanted to let you folks now that we have upcoming workshops at the Roundhouse come Novemeber! Our performance showcase might be another Wheel Slam if there is interest in doing such a thing.

They are happening on November 5 and November 7 at the Roundhouse. Check out the Recreation Guide right here for some more information.



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