Rambles about parallels between Facebook and poetry slams

I believe we, poets and social media gurus should be seeking to change thinking.

There are severely radicalized dude bros finding their mouths in the fist bump of this colonial white patriarchy. They are growing aggressive and we are sitting on our facebooks being praised for recognizing it. I am deeply opposed to negativity being celebrated as activism and profound insight. If you are “woke” you are not automatically a saint. Even if you have intersections that aren’t white-cis-man you are not automatically a saint.

A movement that is powerful is founded on inspiration, compassion and a drive for growth. There is no power in listing problems and never fighting for a solution. That is entitlement, not activism. To be an activist, write articles, letters, march and speak out to those who do not understand the problem. Go into the world and make change. Write to your MP every day. Shut down a racist or sexist comment when you hear it and don’t expect a gold star. Don’t just feed the same angels that have fed you. There is no activism in an echo chamber, only entitlement and praise from those looking for the same thing back. Rise against, up and fight- but not to be seen and validated.

That being said, having a common ideology and sharing that with people like you is not bad. It is even good and can make you feel great. There is awesome energy in it. Especially when most other people aim to oppress, hurt or demean you. I love Facebooking my thoughts and loved slamming, there is huge inner strength that comes out of the validation. Take that inner strength out of the safe zone. Even in small ways. The more power you have, the more risk you can afford to take.

My problem with poetry slams and Facebook is that it gives you a gold medal for being loud and yet, silent. Keep being bold when you step out of the micro cosmos. Be humble even though you know all the right things.

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