A summary of selected arts programming that I’ve been involved with. Click on any image to find out more information about the program and my role.


Richmond World Festival

The Richmond World Festival has won most Outstanding Event in Canada. It’s a celebration of culture that happens annually at Minoru Park.

I’ve been working on coordinating poets, advising, and running “The World of Poetry” as part of The Richmond World Festival from 2015-2018. In its second year the RWF won most Outstanding Event in Canada.


Richmond Youth Media Arts Festival

The Richmond Youth Media Arts Festival is a project created by Cinevolution Media Arts. It’s aim is to invite youth to display their films, enjoy interactive workshops and to learn about media history and literacy.

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I worked as the Youth Media Festival Associate for this festival. Primarily I worked in developing the Evolution of Media Showcase and assisting with coordinating the youth film jury.

Verses Festival of Words

The Verses Festival of Words is Canada’s largest alternative literary festival, it also is home to the Canadian Individual Poetry Slam.

I worked as the volunteer coordinator for this festival in 2017.
The team that worked on the festival in 2017

UBC Arts and Culture District

Currently, I work in the UBC Arts and Culture District as the marketing, communications and special events assistant manager. My primary focus is programming arts and culture events for UBC students as well as communicate various arts and culture initiatives to students. Click on each selected project that I’ve helped manage or direct to learn more:

UBC Studio Sessions

I co-founded UBC Studio Sessions, an annual event where UBC student clubs can showcase their talents in the Telus Studio in the Chan Center.

UBC Pride

I was the artistic director for UBC Pride, where I programmed the drag stage and all performances of the event. UBC Pride was an event to celebrate increasing visibility for the LGBT2SQIA+ community on campus.

ubc pride snip

UBC Culture Days

UBC Culture Days is an annual celebration of the national Culture Days event on campus, at the Arts and Culture district we lead three events. I specifically lead an Open Mic for students in the AHVA Art Gallery in the Audain Art Center.

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UBC Arts and Culture Nights

UBC Arts and Culture Nights are annual nights where groups across campus perform their art at the Museum of Anthropology.

Arts in the Park

In 2013 and 2014, after attending the Get Outside BC summit run by the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, I co-founded and co-directed the Arts in the Park Festival with Emily May which was Richmond’s first youth-led outdoor arts festival. This festival had over 20 youth performers throughout the day, and was one of the first opportunity for many young Richmond artists to display their art or perform for an audience. This was my first time directing an event, and building a network of supportive artistic youth that came out for each other, prompted my desire to continue to run artistic programs in the future.



Community Projects

Richmond Task Group for Richmond Arts Strategy

From January 2018 until now, I have been helping shape the future of the arts in Richmond, by contributing to the development of a new Richmond Arts Strategy.

How the City Supports Arts and Culture copy-1.png


The Green Flux competition was an opportunity for students to submit multi-media artwork (photography, spoken word and digital art) depicting themes of sustainability and environmental social change at UBC. Green Flux looked for students that were interested in exploring ideas of innovative art forms and collaboration. The submissions will be presented on LED signage throughout campus as cool art interruptions, and at a were part of an exhibition at The Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability – UBC’s first LEED Platinum certified building.

I co-curated and co-directed this event with Kelsey McDougall.

View the final report for Greenflux here.


I routinely lead workshops on poetry, writing and clown. These workshops have been adjusted for kids, youth and adults. Currently, on going workshops that I lead are co-lead with the Tiny Tricycle Poets at the Roundhouse Community Centre.


I served as the executive producer of the HUM EP, healing, where I organized musicians to be a part of this CD which was sold to raise money for charities in Vancouver. HUM, or Healing Using Music, was an organization I was involved with from 2013-2016, that donates their time to provide musical services for those in need.

Picture Your Story

This was a youth community art exhibition I curated and organized as part of Youth Week in May 2017.