UBC Arts & Culture Night @ MOA

The Museum of Anthropology holds remarkable ethnographic objects right outside the doorstep of UBC Students. However, my job is to find more ways for students to become familiar with the cultural spaces on campus and gain some feelings of ownership and discovery. I believe that we should all be taking advantage of the most beautiful resources on campus. Dive into UBC, The Calendar and us at the UBC Arts and Culture District came together for a second annual Arts and Culture Night at the Museum of Anthropology attracting around 350 students.

UBC Improv, and UBC Slam, and other performers like my friends Rebecca, SheldonCole and new friends like Alex Lim, brought this night to life with creation, artistry bouncing through the walls of Canada’s most renowned museums. Check out the video to see how it all went down, you might even seen a little flickr of my performance.

And now, we plan for next year! I hope to bring brilliance and imagination up in into all the corners and cracks of our easily distracted minds.

VFS cafe tricycle show + Twisted Poets + Lets talk about mental health

Bloooop. Back to catching up on all the things I have sadly forgotten to mention.

For one, had such a killer time at the VFS Cafe Show we told the audience ‘If you’re lost, just go to the Gastown Scientology building and the VFS Café is diagonally across the street’.

Though Emma was sadly sick and fighting internal worms, Andrew and I came together and make caterpillars out of our voices for the crowd and soon Emma woke up as a butterfly. Tiny Tricycle Poetry keeps my heart pumping and our audiences playing. I remember the show as a true delight of fire and thickness of everything I wanted and what I thought I couldn’t quite attain.

Sometimes I perform and I’m so there every word aches off my tongue and becomes a canvas for mourning, power and then rebirth. This is also how I felt during my first time reading at Twisted Poets Reading Series. Though my voice was kind of melting out of me, it’s been a good time feeling like I can perform with the power I imagine.

I hope to spend the rest of this year, pushing myself to be more playful and excited, wondering and amusing, creating and breathing. I also had a lovely time performing at Let’s Talk about Mental Health show in my residence at UBC, but there is not too much more to say than it was eye-opening to see folks share their stories, so bravely, and have myself always masking metaphors. I’m going to write a poem about that… stay tuned.

Accelerating impact


I was really happy to come out and perform at my friend Theo’s baby, the Accelerating Impact: UBC Social Enterprise Conference. I had a pleasure working side by side with my new friend Rebecca Hope and speaking poetry to a room full of UBC business folk. That’s what I like to do best- shake things around. I think they liked me, I saw some laughs and chuckles behind the suits.

I mean what are we dong anyways if not sparking fire in our business apparel.



Expressions Cafe


I’m back! And have so much updating to do. Hello word again.
I would love to zoom back to many a months ago, when I had an excellent show at the Expressions Cafe. I had a wonderful time with Everett Montionla side by side. Honestly, perhaps one of my favorite performances to date. I  did He Said he Wanted to Pluck Me, The News, and Fireflies. Each poem I felt power and light.
I love performing for youth and high school kids and trying to ignite a slice of the passion I feel for the work in them. A happy time.
YMHA is a ‘coalition of youth in the Lower Mainland which aims to promote youth involvement in the mental health conversation’. This event was all about getting the conversation going about Mental Health. Which I can deeply appreciate. Onward and upwards.




My first performance after turning 19 was a hit a doodle doo. March 2nd already back at it.

Slam Jam, which I’ve participated in two years ago , is always a really rad time.  This year I had a really great time performing the youth slam team.  The event was basically a lot of me making obnoxiously loud noises at the expense of the audience there.

The event is a fundraiser and Slam Jam fundraises their efforts to a local cause, for the Homes For Good Society, ‘a non-profit group started in 2009 by Port Coquitlam Mayor Greg Moore and volunteers wanting to end homelessness‘.


The show itself was a pretty fun time. I knocked out some poems with the 2016-2017 youth slam team and am sad to say it was probably my last performance ever with the youth slam team ever. And now that the new team is chosen, which I am sadly not on, I think that our time together has come to a total close. Which is really bonkers because they are a huge bundle of fun and plants.

Poetry Brothel @ Biltmore


Last week, I had a lot of fun being a poetry whore.  I dressed up as Angel Rouge, and participated in a mysterious and wondrous event called the Poetry Brothel.

Here was a bit of my bio as Angel Rouge:

Angel Rouge is 5 foot tall with a few inches added in thickness from her velvet lipstick. She was born a love child between a scarlet potion and a mysterious elf. The night she was conceived,  a tiny piece from every blushed cheek around the world fell off. The collective redness bits went into the potion, bubbling to eventually become a baby. When she was grown, she started as a mysterious clown nose and then into a quill, within three years she has transformed into a mystical creation. Every night in her adolescence, she would rehearse nursery rhymes while applying a thick pink to her cheeks and lips. At age 13, she was separated from her parent elf and found her way into the Lagoons of Vancouver, BC, where she put on a human suit and began to act natural.

As she was raised, she began to be fond of theatrics, wine tasting and checkerboard skirts. Her hobbies include plucking her eyebrows,  slapping her lips together and jumping up and down escalators, all while howling at Tarot cards and kissing the forgotten moon. Religiously, she is a clown, but biologically, she is an elf. In practice she is a poet, but in reality she is a flamboyant star-counter, hoping to spiral herself in enough syllables to one day map out her way back home.

In my persona, I walked around trying to seduce folks so I could give them a private reading in a back room. They would give me a coin and inwards they would enter into a magical place of velvet couches, bright candles and gold.

Throughout the evening there were also burlesque performances.


17492987_1384330998255943_3432863499109151193_o (1).jpg

And everything was a mysterious shade of brilliant.

17492473_1384330988255944_1888806841950483154_o (1).jpg

This show, which came from New York and has been at it for years- was a true weird gem in my life. In my private readings I had some of the most intense performances of my life, looking at people and sharing my poetry in this intimate setting was moving for me and the other folks.

I felt like the people listening really heard me, and I meant every word that I spoke to them. In one sitting, I had a woman tell me my poems completely spoke to her life and she will be forever grateful of the moment.  I had another burst into tears after my performance. A third smile as brilliantly as the razzle dazzle behind him.

It was a beautiful, weird, brilliant experience.

Crayon Collective

Had a super great time hitting up the crayon collective first event Feminism Talks, Coffee and Poetry. Not going to go into dramatic detail, but the small in the round crowd was pretty wonderful.  I performed three poems, He said He Wanted to Pluck ME, The NewSS, and Today you Might. It was pretty fun to just mess around and talk about what matters to me. I stood in the circle along side my easily 1st-7th favourite person in the world Andrew Warner, Coral More, Sherry Duggal, Falcon O’Hara Also, here is a video of Andrew Warner being casually the best that night.