My first performance after turning 19 was a hit a doodle doo. March 2nd already back at it.

Slam Jam, which I’ve participated in two years ago , is always a really rad time.  This year I had a really great time performing the youth slam team.  The event was basically a lot of me making obnoxiously loud noises at the expense of the audience there.

The event is a fundraiser and Slam Jam fundraises their efforts to a local cause, for the Homes For Good Society, ‘a non-profit group started in 2009 by Port Coquitlam Mayor Greg Moore and volunteers wanting to end homelessness‘.


The show itself was a pretty fun time. I knocked out some poems with the 2016-2017 youth slam team and am sad to say it was probably my last performance ever with the youth slam team ever. And now that the new team is chosen, which I am sadly not on, I think that our time together has come to a total close. Which is really bonkers because they are a huge bundle of fun and plants.

Poetry Brothel @ Biltmore


Last week, I had a lot of fun being a poetry whore.  I dressed up as Angel Rouge, and participated in a mysterious and wondrous event called the Poetry Brothel.

Here was a bit of my bio as Angel Rouge:

Angel Rouge is 5 foot tall with a few inches added in thickness from her velvet lipstick. She was born a love child between a scarlet potion and a mysterious elf. The night she was conceived,  a tiny piece from every blushed cheek around the world fell off. The collective redness bits went into the potion, bubbling to eventually become a baby. When she was grown, she started as a mysterious clown nose and then into a quill, within three years she has transformed into a mystical creation. Every night in her adolescence, she would rehearse nursery rhymes while applying a thick pink to her cheeks and lips. At age 13, she was separated from her parent elf and found her way into the Lagoons of Vancouver, BC, where she put on a human suit and began to act natural.

As she was raised, she began to be fond of theatrics, wine tasting and checkerboard skirts. Her hobbies include plucking her eyebrows,  slapping her lips together and jumping up and down escalators, all while howling at Tarot cards and kissing the forgotten moon. Religiously, she is a clown, but biologically, she is an elf. In practice she is a poet, but in reality she is a flamboyant star-counter, hoping to spiral herself in enough syllables to one day map out her way back home.

In my persona, I walked around trying to seduce folks so I could give them a private reading in a back room. They would give me a coin and inwards they would enter into a magical place of velvet couches, bright candles and gold.

Throughout the evening there were also burlesque performances.


17492987_1384330998255943_3432863499109151193_o (1).jpg

And everything was a mysterious shade of brilliant.

17492473_1384330988255944_1888806841950483154_o (1).jpg

This show, which came from New York and has been at it for years- was a true weird gem in my life. In my private readings I had some of the most intense performances of my life, looking at people and sharing my poetry in this intimate setting was moving for me and the other folks.

I felt like the people listening really heard me, and I meant every word that I spoke to them. In one sitting, I had a woman tell me my poems completely spoke to her life and she will be forever grateful of the moment.  I had another burst into tears after my performance. A third smile as brilliantly as the razzle dazzle behind him.

It was a beautiful, weird, brilliant experience.

Crayon Collective

Had a super great time hitting up the crayon collective first event Feminism Talks, Coffee and Poetry. Not going to go into dramatic detail, but the small in the round crowd was pretty wonderful.  I performed three poems, He said He Wanted to Pluck ME, The NewSS, and Today you Might. It was pretty fun to just mess around and talk about what matters to me. I stood in the circle along side my easily 1st-7th favourite person in the world Andrew Warner, Coral More, Sherry Duggal, Falcon O’Hara Also, here is a video of Andrew Warner being casually the best that night.



Sounds for Syria + Winter Gala


Last week, I knocked out two events that were pretty special.  I started off my Tuesday with some fun times at the Sounds for Syria event at the Liu Institue for Global Issues put on by the AMS Refugee Relief Club. It was really great to be an environment with folks performing and discussing equality and privilege. Particularly, I had a great time getting to know a young girl from Syria who spoke of the crisis in her own eyes.

soundsforsyria AMS refugee relief at UBC.png

soundsforsyriarefugeerelief at UBC.png

Me and my new UBC Slam friends, Anjalica and Jamie shared some poetry. (There were other poets there too and I deviously asked them to come and hang out at our tricycle workshops. )


On the weekend, I had another show which was the 14th annual IRSA Refugee benefit gala. The International Relations Students Association (IRSA) held a black tie-event to promote Kinbrace, which isa community organization easing refugees from all around the world into a new life in Canada. While there are many flaws with the current refugee system, where certain countries and positions of power will deny people from safety and support services, Kinbrace is a local Vancouver non-profit that aspires to break barriers for people all around the world.


Havana Show- TTP premiere!

Hello dear friends! This is going to be a pure happy post. If you need some total cynical horrified and inspired look at the world, feel free to read my diary entries instead.

Anyways, I just wanted to take some time out of my day to reflect on how great our show at Havana Theatre on commercial drive went. I was blown away, because this was our first show featuring Tiny Tricycle Poets (A)LIVE. It was such a wonderful time, I feel like I genuinely had the opportunity to become the clown that I am on the inside, on the outside, express my poetic voice and feel so alive and welcome all at once. Even thinking about it I get all smiley.

This is especially perfect because we were so afraid people weren’t going to make it because of the blizzard and super bowl Sunday and local sports team and weather and grocery store traffic- but it all worked out fine in the end. We also realized the cross over between football fans and poet friends is so miniscule it might be imaginary

.  Everyone came in ready to slap some peanut butter on their cast and howl at the sun with us and boy was it exciting!

We began with our legendary, and stolen, manatee joke.


The Havana theatre, which was voted the best hid theatre in Vancouver, is a great black box stage and we packed in about 40 folks in for our show. We wore turquoise to celebrate our TTP presence and have nominated aqua marine as our official make poetry weird again™ colour.

Andrew had a lovely set, where I believe he performed Languages better than I have ever witnessed. Also, he had me dying on the ground in a sobbing laughing mess with his Australian lyrical analysis of Iggy Azaela.


Then Emma hit the stage with some amazing poetry. She did her signature pieces, Tortured Artist and Who’s a Planet Now? And went into some really cool poetic stuff talking about memory, identity and relationships. Eloquent, graceful and plucked in with some wackiness where she nostalgically read out brainstorm list of names her poetry group for Hullabaloo came up with me. My favourites include “Shane Boyzcan Girls” and “Sarah Kay whatever” as well as “Hira and the dick rippers.”


Then came my moment to expose my deepest secrets on the stage. I began with an animated stretch, growl mind body exercise followed by intensely loud interrogation. I hit my 2 year old poem, Hi I’m, then I did He said He Wanted to Pluck Me, The To Do List, Dirty Lamppost and Honest Poem. I think I did some other ones too, but I can’t remember. I definitely hit some intense stage banter about my acro yoga experiences and beyond.

Also, as a type this on a couch in a library there is a couple furiously making out behind me which is making typing this very difficult. Though I don’t see them, I hear them and it frankly disgusts me. I would never kiss or touch anyone.

Anyways, back to the sow. It was really great, my favourite part though was when Andrew discovered half of a raffle ticket on the ground and I drew it pretending someone had won a free book and told Andrew to hide the lucky ticket. I explored the stage looking for it, when I read it out loud I read my pone number and told the people that though they didn’t win a free book, they certainly can go on a date with me and buy my book for ten bucks. Never have I seen a crowd so disappointed.



Anywho! I can’t wait for our next show because this was super fun. Oh wait, our next thing is coming up this Sunday… better start preparing for the workshop!



Chapbook Release Show! Re-cap!


Drawing by Charmaine Sea.

What a marvelous night it was. I had sold 49 books, over 60 people came out to Café deux soleils. Alvin X Chris X Lucas featured, also my boy Andrew Warner got the crowd all hot and bothered with his poetic glow.


It was so great to see friends, families and dare I say FANS (a solid 2.5 of those) come out to support the release of my book! That was really all super good.

I had a set about 16 poems, and I did most of them minus two. Didn’t have it in me to puke out Harvest Moon and 100%. But I debuted some new pieces, read out of the book as well and shared some Bo Burnham haikus all with amighty tampon strapped to my neck all in a bold political statement about eggs.


While I did almost a full hour set, I think I sweat more than I did running for a full hour. It was some pretty wet stuff out there.

Also, there was a costume contest. Because of course. Eggs for everyone.


The highlight of my night though, was when Emma Field, told me in agony as we rehearsed our group poem The Do List, “I hate eggs.” She even managed to tell my boyfriend that she was planning to tell me that in a weird spin of affection and wrath on stage.

And my friend Josie got pressured in to taking photographs. Which you see on here! But have no fear I bought her a smoothie.

What a great night, can’t wait to do it all again!

Gladstone We Day

Gladstone We Day! It was a fun time, total flashback Thursday getting back through those high school halls. Fawn, the organizer, teacher and awesome person extraordinaire really made a hugely successful event with the kids. Not only do they get to miss class, they get to hear cool people and mediocre people like myself, engage with them!

Basically a day of assemblies, they had some cool presenters along with a We-day dance and song. I made friends with Jay Wade, Morgane Oger and Brock Tully. Who all ad some really good projects and things you can read about here.

I think the school has probably over 2000 people and there were easily 400 people or so in the gym at a time and some spotlight, but I had a cute outfit on so I was feeling pretty ok.

I brought a couple of people up on stage to do an activity with me, and though it didn’t really workout, it was at least something I could say “poetry!” too and then end the show.

Lots of laughs, good interactions with the cast of high school musical and lots of nice snacks.