August 11 2018: Profiled in The Richmond News

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August 1 2018: Featured in CBC radio show on the coast and in Vancouver is Awesome as the Artistic Director for UBC Pride.

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Summer 2018: Entropy of Forgiveness short spoken word film reviewed on Listen with Monger, Moving Poems and was chosen as a winner for the inspire wellness challenge hosted by Adobe 1324 and born this way foundation.

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April 2018: Featured as a Student Story for the Bachelor of Media Studies (BMS) Faculty of Arts page after completing year 2 in the BMS at UBC.

April 2018: Featured in a documentary produced by fellow BMS students entitled “Beyond Words”, which acknowledged my work as a spoken word artist.

January- April 2018: Between Three Wheels, a stand-up clowning poetry show run by The Tiny Tricycle Poets featured, reviewed by the Permanent Rain Press and the Daily Hive.

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January 2018: Featured poet in Neon Renaissance Magazine.

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October 2017: Collaborated with fellow BMS Student Kelsey McDougall for  The Green Flux Competition which was a media art showcase of student artwork pertaining to theme of imagining a greener future, profiled on the UBC Sustainability website.

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September 2016: Art Talking Women Episode Subject

Art Talking Women is a series of intimate conversations with a variety of hosts where female-identified artists discuss their creative process as well as their relationship with community and technology. Art Talking Women celebrates and showcases practicing Canadian women artists to the world through evolving podcast technology, internet-based social networks, and digital distribution. This project was initiated by Margaret Dragu, the winner of the 2012 Governor General’s Award, and developed into a three part collaboration between Cinevolution Media Arts Society, Margaret Dragu’s DWI (Dragu Worker International) Production and VIVO Media Arts Centre.


2015: Richmond World Festival wins Most Outstanding Event in Canada, acknowledgement of poetry coordination and advisory work in the Richmond Arts Report for 2015.



May 12 2015: Received the Richmond Youth Arts Award during the sixth annual Richmond Arts Awards, as presented by Mayor Malcolm Brodie at a ceremony in Council Chambers.


February 2015: Selected as Richmond’s 30 under 30 in a special edition of The Richmond Review.


December 31 2014: Interviewed on Wax Poetic Radio.

October 2013: Selected as Vancouver’s Top 24 under 24 in a special edition of 24 News.