Living Memorials| Spoken Word Poetry Video

Music and all beautiful sound stuff by Moses Clyde Caliboso Inspired from a conversation with my friend Scottford Price after a good friend of mine passed on.

— It is as holy as hardening to have a part of your identity bred out of the memory of someone else. We are all living memorials of people who affected us then moved on without us. —-


Thank you so much for the support and I hope everyone is feeling a little bit more ready and a little less alone with the holidays out of the way.

Why you should quit your job and become a DMT dealer



So this poem is all about how perseverance is a better thing when you believe in your dreams, and it’s easier to believe in your dreams when you do not limit yourself to ordinary things.

Ah, the boredom of sky train rides. They always provoke existential thoughts in me. I just love avoiding eye-contact with strangers, it’s so exciting.

Anyways, dream big, believe in things, take a journey inside and keep going until you’re gone.

Played some sax, played some piano, and spat some words.