Richmond World Fest 2015

ANNNNNND! It’s over.

Another day. Another event flying by another collection of months of ideas executed then it all dissipates into the sweet glory of nothingness, photos and memories.

I was quite excited to join the committee of advisors to help out our city’s new signature event, The Richmond World Festival.

My gears started tickling me after the first meeting, though a nuisance that I can’t sit still anywhere without wanting to pour my heart into everything- it ended up benefiting me.

In honesty, I came for the free refreshments that were promised to me, but I stayed for my desire to create something I could be proud of, and I wanted to create an opportunity for my poetry friends to have their time to showcase themselves in a non-fringe setting. Soon I started piling away at my contacts and it was fun to work on something where I was seen as a valuable member despite not being the high power, a low-stress production time which is quiet alien to me.

I had fun getting different performers I know involved in the festival and saw everyone push through together to create an event that really demonstrated what we want our community to be. For me, it is making Richmond accessibly hip, artistic, diverse and welcoming for expression.

I feel like that is exactly what I got. I am in complete awe of all the handwork that the coordinators and directors put on with this event, where we had over 30,000 people attend this day of complete cultural diversity and love. My little area I had control of was one of 3 stages, called the Global Village stage. I kept most people in line and MC’d to the most poignant failureĀ of my abilities.

Afterwords, the global village area was transformed into a digital carnival created by many of my artist friends, one of which named Ying whom I will mention in a future post, (but I promise I have another exciting project underway there!)

Throughout the actual day, after all that boring work of putting it together which none of you guys want to hear about, I was stage managing, global village coordinating and performing poetry as well as accordion in my balalaika orchestra. What a day. Now it’s over!

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