Volunteer Coordinating Verses 2017

So pleased to become a part of the team of the Verses gang. I love the festival and have attended for the past four years. It was hugely pivotal in my becoming of a poet. 16998185_381026758925760_4560251410508387392_n.jpg

Now I get to work together with some of the folks that have inspired me most. I’ve been brought up onto the team as the volunteer coordinator. Volunteering at Verses, is a sweet deal. Not only do you get free passes and swag, you get to be immersed in a community of some of the best folks you will ever encounter. ┬áThere are over 30 events happening at Verses this year, spanning from April 20-30th, including Hullabaloo, CIPS, Mashed Poetics, Chicken Sessions and other spectacular feature shows and workshops through the ten days.

Andrew and I are working together. Andrew is my love for ever and ever. It’s really interesting to come into the VPH office and see all the boxes of tiny dreams being stored around the room.


More updates to come about how the process goes. But if you are feeling like being amazing and hanging out with me and being a part of one of the biggest spoken word festivals in Canada, sign up to volunteer here.