Richmond Youth Media Festival 2016

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Boom! Boom! Bam! Now sleep. This was probably my mental slogan going into The Richmond Youth Media Festival where I co-produced the Evolution of Media Showcase with Paige Smith, who was the coordinator god of the event. And I was mere half-Jesus entitled Youth Media Associate.

Before I go on any further you need to know about Cinevolution. They do great work. They are good people. I’ve mentioned Ying before, amazing, amazing, amazing my eyes pixelate when I look at her.

But anyways back to the production of the evolution of youth media showcase. Wow. Total system overload during the summer and then being wacked in the face with my new jab at UBC, but hey. That’s what I’m here for!

In three short months Paige and I:

  1. Ate a few bananas
  2. Found out we want to talk about the evolution of media
  3. Figured out the best way to do that would probably in a circle
  4. Figured out we should talk about the past too and hey why not include The Richmond Museum
  5. Ate a few pancakes
  6. Drew with glitter on a dance floor (don’t tell!)
  7. Established the idea that media is a canvas of communication
  8. Realized that there are four pillars of media: Sound, Visual, Word and New Reality
  9. Then we talked it through and realized that we wanted this to be cutting-edge, innovative and boundary pushing
  10. So we toyed, we chewed and bloom came up with a way for people to walk through the past and future of media while engaging with how the present is a medley of innovation

With the help of Ying and a group of enthusiastic and strong innovative thinkers who pushed buttons, dipped through sticky puddles and clicked the right codes to make this all actually make sense, be possible, safe and timely.

Here is the look of one of the stations:


Each station had a description introducing this type of media, as well as a number that would correspond to another number that was located in the Richmond Museum.  There would be a keep sake component, a piece of machinery/technology that is represented of how the media is created and often an interactive experience.

And now it is over! Displayed as part of The Richmond World Festival, this creation was hoping that was very near and dear to my heart as well as Paige’s.

We took a lot of thought into this and I hope it went that way, but as with all projects you do your best and let the rest happen without you.

I am always humbled, honoured and excited to work with people as infectiously energized as the passionate group at Cinevolution Media Arts.

Time keeps on slipping slipping…

Into the future!


Fly like an eagle- that’s all I want to do Steve Miller Band. I can’t believe 2015 is almost over. I can’t believe everything is almost over. I can’t believe it! As in I really do believe someone, cough- the puppet master of the universe- cough, has hit the acceleration button on my life. Beep. Beep.

But seriously. That puppet master is in its revival. Once I said goodbye to my iPhone 3 I was replaced with Robot 5s. Thankfully with my new robot things are moving faster, so I can catch up to life. Right?

Ha. You are wrong silly blog reader that has rhetorical questions answered for them. Ha. Silly.

But seriously. Yesterday I texted the bus stop number instead of walking across the street. Then I almost cried because I had to move from Bus Stop A to Bus Stop B.  And I run marathons. What happened to the good old days, the golden age of looking at the paper that says the bus times underneath?

Back in the old in days, people had firmer leg muscles.

Having a Robot 5 comes with great responsibility. I am in charge of the look up of the menu of the restaurant, because god forbid my friends or family don’t know what is the special before they walk in. God forbid a human tells me the special instead of my portable robot.

Back in the old in days, people had stronger vocal chords.

On that not my portable fifth generation robot also beeps reminding me to buy milk and twice as many eggs.

When can I just be a robot? Time doesn’t exist for robots because they are so fast.

Back in the old in days, people were good at under eating.

And if time is moving so quickly doesn’t that mean that what we want to do in our lifetime is enhancing and becoming more complex or meaningful- or is it just destroying every entity that is capable of happiness and making humanity crumble?

Back in the old in days, people didn’t have to think about purpose.

But I guess now we don’t need to either. We have robots to think about life’s purpose for us.

I asked Siri the meaning of life the other day and she redirected me to Steve Miller Band.