What Poets are like on tour (Overdo Reflections on PNW Tricycle Tour)

This is a much overdo post about our tour that happened this summer. And boy oh man oh girl, was it a magical time.

Our adventure began in Elevate the Arts, and we set off for our journey in Cumberland/ Courtney BC. It was a beautiful place, which started with some basic clownery and ferry time and ended with an alien dance party in fishnets.


Here is a vlog about our journey there. We fkn’ poet’d.


Next up we had a performance on Quadra Island at Heriot bay, they treated us too nicely.  We stayed in a lovely room with a view of the bay, and had a great performance and led an open mic for folks to get their feet in the game as well.





Then we had the last leg of our tour, the most intense one, knocking off 5 cities in 10 days. We made our way to Spokane, to Portland, to Seattle, to Bellingham and finally back to Olympia. Like a fever dream, we clowned our way through all of our shows.



In Seattle we led our folks through a nice stretch whilst singing O’ Canada. In Olympia we popped and buzzed. In Portland we screamed tiny at the tips of our esophogushes.

Here is a video of our time there:





Many more videos to come of all of our performances- I promise I’ll get those bad boys up on the Youtubes by next weekend. But we are really excited about the future of Tiny Tricycle Poets, spreading play, weirdness and magic. We are hoping to start hosting a monthly “Between Three Wheels” show where we interview local poets in our TTP manner, and then all do some improv/poetry/clowning together.

We are already planning our next tour, full of drive and ambition, love and compassion and wheels set on continuous motion.18699926_1584698554875699_1370387665173708674_n.jpg

Workshop- Tricycle Poetics Recap + Upcoming Show

The workshop this past weekend went really well. We had 13 people show up which was a great number of folks to work with. We ran through some performance/ confidence exercises as well as some writing prompts. I enjoyed working through all of our clowning exercises and forgot about my complete love of simply clowning around and playing with people. It felt like a safe, shoe-less happy time.  My highlight would definitely be someone saying how transformative the process was for them and my own boyfriend, who is difficult to impress calling it “the best workshop he has ever attended.” Damn. For something we thought was just going to be lots of fun, ended up getting pretty intense for some of us and the participants.

Now that that’s done, I hope everyone is working towards coming out to the showcase tomorrow night at the Roundhouse.
I’m looking forward to tomorrow night. I hope we see some bodies and make something beautiful! If you happen to be in Vancouver and are reading this post, come on by, I’d love to see you there.