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Angelica Poversky is a spoken word poet, media and performing artist as well as a arts programmer residing in Vancouver, British Columbia. Her work deals with themes such as memory, identity and imagination. Angelica is Vancouver’s Top 24 under 24, a TD Scholar, Richmond’s 30 under 30 and a Richmond Arts Award Winner.

Her performance poetry has propelled her to perform at the 2017 UN Peacekeeping Defense Ministerial, National Culture Days and The Top 25 under 25 Canadian Environmentalists Awards, CHIMO Voices against Violence Against Women Conference and over many other events and festivals. Other notable performances include Word Vancouver, The Vancouver Sustainability Conference and The Vancouver Earth Day Parade.

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In addition to strict spoken word performance, Angelica has moved into experimenting with elements of rap and hip-hop under the alias Angeliquoi? She’s currently working on an album that will be released in January 2019.

In addition to spoken word performance, Angelica frequently does performances as roving characters where she’s done clown and acting work in events like Talk like a Pirate Day, The Maritime Festival and The Harvest Festival.

Picking up on her love of clowning, and fringe forms of acting,  Angelica Poversky quickly formed The Tiny Tricycle Poets trio with her partners in rhyme, Andrew Warner and Emma Field.  The funny poets have been teaching and leading workshops for youth on the intersections of clowning, stand-up and poetry as part of their Roundhouse residency at the Roundhouse Community Centre.

The poetry group toured to 9 cities in the Pacific North West in 2017. In 2018, The Tiny Tricycle Poets, devoted to bridging the gap between spoken word and play, started a monthly show called Between Three Wheels. The three toured across Canada in the summer of 2018, performing in Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg, Regina and more.


Before the Tiny Tricycle Poets Angelica was a part of The 2016 Van Youth Slam Team and a member of the 2017-2018 UBC Slam Team which came in third place in the Canadian National Poetry Competition Voices of Today and competed in the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word in Peterborough, Ontario.

Outside of performance, Angelica is interested in written word and other forms of media art. In 2016, she released her poetry book “Strange and Quiet Odours from Within the Eggs of Imagination.” She’s been published in over a dozen literary journals internationally. In 2018, the Tiny Tricycle Poets released a collaborative poetry collection entitled “The Poetry that looked better on Instagram.”

She has also interested and active in the creation of conceptual photography, film and media art. Her performance art film, “Can I interview you?” was exhibited at the Festival of Recorded Movement in 2017. Another media art installation piece, an interactive media tent, which was a collaborative project between her and Klara Wyse was exhibited at the Lights on the Roof event in December 2017. Her media art installation piece, Still Necessary was exhibited at the Digital Carnival by Cinevolution Media Arts in September 2018.  In 2018, two short films Angelica wrote and co-wrote will be released.

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And lastly, Angelica’s artistic career is rooted in creating opportunity for more experimental and creative grounds for other artists to explore and find ignition in.  After founding and co-directing Richmond’s first youth-led outdoors arts festival, Arts in the Park, Angelica moved on to organize various opportunities for youth artists in her community such as curating art exhibitions, leading workshops, and being involved in the organizing process of events such as The Richmond World Festival,  The Richmond Youth Media Festival,as well as serving as the Volunteer Coordinator for the Verses Festival of Words.

Recently, she lead a SEEDS project, a collaboration between students, faculty and staff on improving sustainability at the University of British Columbia where she created a media art exhibition that focused on the meaning of building a process for a green future at UBC. Currently she works at The University of British Columbia in the Office of the Dean of Arts, in marketing, communications and special events for the Arts and Culture District, where she’s produce a multitude of events and programs to engage students with arts and culture on campus.

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Angelica is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Media Studies at the University of British Columbia with a minor in Political Science.

Angelica Poversky runs on good ideas and exploding light bulbs and she’s excited to share it all with you.