About Angelica

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 Angelica uses both vivid and comforting images in her spoken word poetry to tackle the inner-workings of huge manatees. She is 5’3″ (moving into the 5’4″ realm) of vertically challenged creative passion who wants to use spoken words to create movements of thought. She’s always trying to think of new ways to use words and is perplexed by language.

Interested in improvisation, music and writing, Angelica is Vancouver’s Top 24 under 24, Richmond’s 30 under 30 and a Richmond Arts Award Winner. She’s been on the author panel at National Culture Days, a speaker at The Top 25 under 25 Canadian Environmentalists Awards and the feature performer at the CHIMO Violence Against Women Conference. Other notable performances include Word Vancouver, The Vancouver Sustainability Conference and The Vancouver Earth Day Parade.

Growing up in the lagoons of Richmond, her natural habitat included in addition to her artsy fartsy behaviour- also partaking in arts programming. After founding and co-directing Richmond’s first youth-led outdoors arts festival, Arts in the Park, Angelica moved on to organize various opportunities for youth artist in the community such as curating two art-poetry exhibitions at The Richmond Public Library. More recently, she’s had a role in the organizing process at The Richmond World Festival as well as The Richmond Youth Media Festival.

Recently, she became a member of the 2016 Van Youth Slam Team from Vancouver and has released a new chapbook “Strange and Quiet Odours from Within the Eggs of Imagination.”